Company Background

Keever Plumbing is a division of Keever, Dalton & Johnson, Inc., which has been serving the plumbing needs of the greater Atlanta area since 1988. During these three decades of service, the company has grown from one company, one truck, and two employees to four companies, 20 trucks, and 35 employees.

The success of Keever Plumbing can be attributed to several reasons. Foremost is our emphasis on one-time-on-time, quality service. Another is ongoing training and education. When a Keever Plumber arrives at your job site, you can rest assured that you are getting a licensed, fully-trained, professional plumber. Yet another reason is the culture of our company, which is clearly defined by our mission and values statements. Our goal is to cultivate long-standing relationships with our customers. We appreciate your business and friendship.

Our Mission

Keever Plumbing is dedicated to becoming a leader in plumbing and plumbing related industries; to achieving and maintaining a reputation for Innovation, Professionalism, Integrity and unmatched Customer Service; to becoming a positive leadership role model in all the communities we serve; and to creating a corporate culture that serves as an instrument for the upward social and economic mobility of our employees!

Our Core Company Values

  • We recognize that in our company’s overall quest for excellence, people are our greatest strength.
  • We value Community, Family, Faith, and Charity Involvement.
  • We value Honesty, Professionalism, Knowledge, and a Positive Attitude.
  • We have a commitment to provide exceptional service to every Customer.

Plumbing Technology Leader

We offer a full line-up of commercial, industrial, and residential services; but more importantly, we go one important step beyond the other plumbers in the Atlanta area. We have invested heavily in new plumbing technologies that allow us to offer you a range of money-saving services and expertise that no other plumbing company can provide.

For plumbing service in Northeast Georgia, check out our sibling company, Roberts Plumbing, Inc.